Wassup, MotherFather

What’s a MotherFather you ask???

Mo-ther-fa-ther /ˈməT͟HərfäT͟Hər/ (n.): A father that takes on traditional motherly roles like cooking, cleaning, and taking care of the little shits. And the big shits. Also, the kids.

I’m on a quest to become a BAD MOTHERFATHER. That’s not BAD meaning BAD but BAD meaning GOOD. To do that, I’ll be googling, trialing, and erroring.

This is gonna be the place where I drop the knowledge I’ve picked up from caring for my own little malaflower.

First order of business for a MotherFather: FEED YOUR FAM, FAM.

In my attempt to do this most essential of the MotherFather functions, I realized I wanna spend less time in the kitchen doing dishes and cleaning. Im also tryna live life and shit.

I assume you are too.

SO, the majority of the posts for the forseeable future will be easy meals on the cheap, with nutritional facts, cook time, dish-used-count, ingredients and price.

As I put more notches on my belt, I’ll start expanding into other areas to one day become: A BADASS MOTHERFATHER

PS: Notches on my belt cuz of experience not cuz my meals will get you fat. Calm down, fool.

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